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This domain is intended to inspire and encourage grade school age students to become scientists. 


This Domain is based on a philosophy of science promoting humility among scientists with the acknowledgment that in the pursuit of absolute truth there is still much to be learned.


Too often do we scientists tend to discourage young students from a career in science by the subtle inference that we already know everything?


There are many unanswered questions:

Why are there continents?

How were the elements essential to life gathered up and made available for life?

If you were given the task to restore the ancient rainforests, what building materials would you have to obtain and how would you obtain them?  How would you distribute them to the desert areas in such a way that it would be self-sustaining as the rainforests were in those areas in the past before the mass extinction that destroyed them?

What was the mechanism, which destroyed life in the many mass extinctions of the past?  Was it the freezing cold and lifeless dark of a cosmic night as depicted in the currently accepted hypothesis?  Think about it before you answer. 

What is the mechanism that is destroying life in the current mass extinction we are witnessing? 

What are the cycles of nature that affect the above?  Are they all defined?  One should certainly think so.  But are they really? 

An example of a cycle of nature is the hydrologic cycle, you know, where the water of the ocean becomes rain, waters the land, and returns to the ocean.  Is the hydrologic cycle closed as is currently believed?  Or are is the earth loosing water to outer space by one mechanism and gaining water by another.  The answer to this question may answer the question of the vanishing water of the oceans of Mars.

Are any of the cycles of nature really closed?

What was the greatest ecological disaster which ever occurred on earth in all times including the past?  Remember, the earth has just a fraction of the habitability that it had in the ancient past.

How do you square the differences in opinion on these subjects held by science versus religion?  Could it be that we do not know all the answers?  Can absolute truth be different depending on the authority dictating the opinion as to truth?


Copyright 2000,2007, Max B. Frederick, all rights reserved.