March, 2000

To:  Oregon City High School Class of 1960 Reunion Committee:

From:  Max B. Frederick

RE:  Betty L. (Bengtson) Frederick.


After high school, Betty attended George Fox College where she met her future husband, Max B. Frederick.  They were married October 29, 1961, in Oregon City.


Together they raised four sons, Joe, Tim, James, and Brian.  The sons grew up to be a carpenter, a plumber, a chiropractor, and a chemist.


On February 9, 1988, their first grandchild was killed by a drunk driver.  That event changed Betty’s life forever.  Now Betty is director of Heathers Haven, a non-profit clean and sober house for women, which Betty founded in December of 1994.  Heathers Haven is in Medford, Oregon, and is the first clean and sober housing for women in the State of Oregon.  About one hundred fifty women have lived at Heathers Haven and about one third of them are still clean and sober, leading useful fulfilling lives.  Betty and her husband Max believe that out there somewhere is a family with a happy, carefree child that is still alive because the drunk driver that would have killed that child was sober.  That child is still alive because of Betty and Heathers Haven.  Betty has been selected for a Year 2000 KTVL Country Spirit Award because of her selfless work to prevent another family from suffering a similar loss to drunk driving.


Today, Betty and her husband Max live in Oregon City, about a mile from the church where they were married nearly thirty-nine years ago.


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