Betty L. Frederick


Betty L. Frederick, my wife, is a hero. 

She is a good example to the community to prove that one person can make a difference. 

To many women of Medford, Oregon, and across the country, she is the one who turned their lives around.

Today, some unknown family has a child full of life, because the drunk driver that would have killed their child was not drunk.

Because of Betty, that driver was sober.


Betty, after raising our four sons, was hit head on by a drunk driver, killing our first granddaughter and putting Betty in a wheel chair for many months.  Instead of becoming angry and bitter, Betty resolved to do something to prevent this from happening to someone else.


In 1994, Betty founded, and is now the director of Heathers Haven, a clean and sober house for women to have a safe place to work on recovery from addiction.  Many women have lived there.  Many women have had their lives turned around.


For her example, Betty has been selected to be one of the recipients of the Year 2000 KTVL Country Spirit Award.


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