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Philosophy of


This domain is intended to encourage grade school age students to become scientists. It is based on a philosophy of science promoting humility among scientists with the acknowledgment that in the pursuit of absolute truth there is still much to be learned. Too often do we scientists tend to discourage young students from a career in science by the subtle inference that we already know everything.


The key to discovery is the early recognition of unknown. The greatest barrier to discovery is the attitude that we already know the answer.


Discovery is the finding of truth that was unknown before. Newly discovered does not mean new truth. Truth is eternal. Once discovered a newly discovered truth is no more true than it was eons ago. It is only new to the knowledge of man.


Science is one of the fields of study engaged in the pursuit of absolute truth. The pursuit of truth is not limited to the field of science. It is acknowledged that in many fields the pursuit of truth is paramount. A court of law may be engaged in the pursuit of truth. The field of religion may contain pursuit of truth. The major differences in the fields of law, religion and science in the area of pursuit of truth is the set of rules on which truth is judged. However, the rules by which potential truth is accepted or rejected do not make something true or untrue. Truth in one field cannot be untrue in another. Care must be taken in all fields to differentiate between truth and opinion or best current judgment. Though opinion may legitimately differ, there cannot be a different absolute truth.


It seems like the authorities in every field would lead us to believe that their latest accepted opinion is the truth.


The bottom line is that the opinion of science enjoys the more universal acceptance.


We are led to believe that the answers are all known. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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